• We believe in God

    He is the one and only true God (Deuteronomy 4:35), the Creator (Genesis 1:1) of all things and infinitely perfect (Matthew 5:48), and externally existing in 3 persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (Genesis 1:26)
  • We believe in Jesus Christ

    He is both God and man, and has always existed (John 1:1-2). He was conceived by the Holy Spirit, and born of the virgin Mary (Matthew 1:18). He lived a sinless life (John 8:29) and was crucified on the cross as a sacrifice for our sins in order to offer us salvation (1 Peter 2:24). Three days later, He rose from the dead (Luke 24:1-8) and ascended into heaven, where He now reigns as our High Priest and Mediator (Hebrews 4:14)
  • We believe in the Holy Spirit

    The Holy Spirit's ministry is to glorify Jesus Christ and, during this age, to convict mankind of their sin (John 16:8). The Holy Spirit is the seal and guarantee of the gift of salvation (Ephesians 1:13-14). He indwells (John 16:13), guides, instructs, comforts (John 14:26) and empowers (Galatians 5:22) every believer for godly living and service
  • We believe in the Scriptures

    All of Scripture is the inspired Word of God (2 Timothy 3:16). It is without error in their original writings, and they are the complete revelation of God's will for the salvation of mankind. The Scriptures are the divine and final authority for all Christian faith and life (2 Peter 1:20-21)
  • We believe in faith-based salvation through Jesus Christ

    All man is in need of salvation from the punishment of sin (Romans 6:23). Salvation is offered to man by God through the sacrificial atonement of Jesus Christ (1 John 2:2). Salvation is available to all who confess with their mouth that Jesus is Lord and that believe God raised Him from the dead (Romans 10:9). Salvation is a gift of God through faith apart from works (Ephesians 2:8-9)
  • We believe in the Church

    The Church is all people who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ. The church is a gathering together of believers for corporate worship and teaching of God's Word (Acts 2:42). The church is committed to following Jesus and carrying out the Great Commission of making disciples of every nation (Matthew 28:19-20)