*In response to the attendance of our on-campus services, we have discontinued our second 11:00 service. Please join us at 9:30 at the Countryside Christian Church campus, or on our livestream. You can also experience our services at any time by visiting our service archives.

The Church Doors are Open

In consideration of the safety of our entire congregation:

  • Masks are required
  • We have taken measures to allow for social distancing
  • We encourage waving and talking instead of hugging and handshakes
  • Online livestream service will be available if you are not ready or able to join in-person services

detailed information:

Countryside Christian Church is planning to reopen Live Sunday in-person services beginning July 26, 2020. In addition, staff and elders and their families will be holding a practice run on July 19.  This will give us an opportunity to work out the kinks before we open on July 26. We are going to begin services with specific guidelines that have been established by our leadership team and follow current requirements set out by the Oregon Health Authority for Marion County and the Centers for Disease Control.

What can we expect when we reopen?

The Worship Center will look different.  We are limiting the services to 50 people (we will add more services if the need arises).  Chairs are spaced out in groups of two, three, four or five, so couples and families can sit together and to maintain social distancing.  The First Impression Team will be available to help you and your family get seated and may assist if you need chairs spaced differently.  

Musicians and the speakers will not be masked while speaking or leading worship, however they will be at other times.  Singing is allowed, however, please remain masked.

There will not be a meet and greet time, however, communion will be available at stations and cups are to be disposed of at the station.  We are going to dismiss people by rows to communion at the nearest station. Tithes and Offerings can be accepted.  There will be an offering box available at the back of the Worship Center.  Of course, Push Pay is always available. 

Entering and exiting the Worship Center

We will be providing signage and reminders about coming into and leaving the Worship Center. Please plan on entering through the main doors and exiting through the same doors. Masks will be required inside the building (see below). We encourage you to visit with one another outside the building while maintaining social distance. Masks are optional outside as long as social distancing is maintained. Also, if you must leave the Worship Center for any reason other than using the restroom, we ask that you exit the building since the main doors will be left open.

Physical contact such as hugging, shaking hands and so forth is highly discouraged during this time. Once the service is over, please exit the Worship Center as soon as possible so our First Impressions team can sanitize the space to get ready for the next service. 

Restrooms will be available and the route will be clearly marked. Hand sanitizing stations will be available throughout the campus. Please avail yourselves of them. We will also have extra masks on hand in case you need one.

Face masks

Marion County is under a Phase 2 of reopening as of June 19, 2020 and is also subject to further face mask requirements which went into effect July 1, 2020. On June 23, 2020, we received further clarification on face mask requirements for faith gatherings. Faith gatherings that are indoors fall under the guidance requiring face masks. We understand for some this will be disappointing. However, we also feel it necessary to abide by this guidance until we are no longer required to do so.

In any situation involving restrictions placed on the faith community by government, there are going to be concerns and frustration. We would ask you to set those aside and focus, rather, on our responsibility to each other as followers of Jesus Christ. Our first and really only commandment is to love God and love each other. As we seek to gather together, the wearing of a mask should not become an issue of division in our body. Countryside is a church that knows how to love each other and to do so deeply. We can do this together and get through this together. If, for some reason, you are personally opposed to wearing a mask, we still welcome you to join the service through the live stream option.

There are specific guidelines about face masks:

Wear a mask, face shield, or face covering unless the individual:

  • Is under 12 years of age (strongly recommended).

  • Has a medical condition that makes it hard to breathe when wearing a mask, face shield, or face covering.*

  • Has a disability that prevents the individual from wearing a mask, face shield, or face covering.**

We ask that you notify us if you fall into any of the mask exceptions listed above and need an exemption or accommodation. Let us know that you are unable to wear a mask either due to a medical reason or disability.  We are NOT going to ask for a specific reason or for you to provide any further documentation, however, we may ask if a face shield might be an acceptable accommodation.  These requests are be based on the honor system and we will take you at your word. On July 13, 2020, the Governor issued more requirements on masks.  We want everyone to remain safe.  Therefore, if you find you need any exemption from wearing a mask or face covering, we kindly ask you to worship through the on-line options available.  We will loosen restrictions and guidelines as soon as possible.